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Amol Titus Shares His Literary Prowess At The Lake Toba Writers Festival

Amol Titus shares his literary prowess at the Lake Toba Writers Festival

Amol Titus And With Opera Batak Director Thomson Hutasoit And Team

Amol Titus and with Opera Batak Director Thomson Hutasoit and team

Bp Amol Titus And Ibu Sri Wilujeng With The Team From Dinas Kebudayan Dan Pariwisata Samosir

Bp Amol Titus and Ibu Sri Wilujeng with the team from Dinas Kebudayan dan Pariwisata Samosir

Samosir Bahasa Batak School Teachers With Saut Poltak Tambunan And Amol Titus At A Linguistic Capacity Building Event

Samosir Bahasa Batak school teachers with Saut Poltak Tambunan and Amol Titus at a linguistic capacity building event

Special Event Tumblers Prepared To Support The 'Minimize Plastic Use' Initiative

Special event tumblers prepared to support the ‘Minimize Plastic Use’ initiative

Three Co-visionaries Saut Poltak Tambunan (second From Left), Amol Titus (third From Left) And Thomson Hutasoit (third From Right) Featured With Some Key Speakers At The Event

Three co-visionaries Saut Poltak Tambunan (second from left), Amol Titus (third from left) and Thomson Hutasoit (third from right) featured with some key speakers at the event

Senior Delegates At The Inauguration Of The Lake Toba Writers Festival On 26 September 2023

Senior delegates at the inauguration of the Lake Toba Writers Festival on 26 September 2023

Traditional Batik Instruments Played Against The Backdrop Of A Beautiful Ulos Textile

Traditional Batik instruments played against the backdrop of a beautiful Ulos textile

Scene From A Batak Opera Performance. This Is An Endangered Art Form And Lake Toba Writers Festival Is Helping Ensure Its Survival.

Scene from a Batak Opera performance. This is an endangered art form and Lake Toba Writers Festival is helping ensure its survival.

Bp Amol Titus With Bp Thomson HS, Ibu Lenny The Opera Batak Team

Bp Amol Titus with Bp Thomson HS, Ibu Lenny the Opera Batak team

Lake Toba Provided A Spectacular Setting For The Literary And Creative Arts Festival

Lake Toba provided a spectacular setting for the Literary and Creative Arts Festival

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